93-Year Old Man Lives Happily In The Middle Of Nowhere

Meet 93 year old Jack English, a modern version of the good ole American homesteader. A legend among the locals, who lives in a cabin isolated deep in the Ventana Wilderness, east of Big Sur, CA.

“It’s five miles from the nearest road and that is the main reason I bought this. You gotta have some place you can get away from all this turmoil. It’s not that I don’t like people, I do. I just don’t like swarms of them”.

While on a hunting trip he learned that an old homestead in the Ventana Wilderness was being put up for auction. He put a bid on the property and won. On the land he built a small cabin using materials from the land and milling trees by hand, taking nearly 5 years to finish…

His wife would later pass away from ovarian cancer. During her last stay in the hospital she told him, “You go down there and live there now, if you want.” So that’s exactly what he did, ending up moving to the cabin full time, for over 30 years. These days Jack keeps himself busy, caring for the house and land and making bows for violins.

With a smile, he says:

“I’m different, I know, and this is an individual thing. It’s the kind of life I like and that’s why I’m here, and that’s where I hope I’m going to be until the end. “Maybe with luck, I can make it.”

Check out his video below…

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