Home is the Alaskan Wilderness for This 75-Year-Old Woodsman

Dick Proenneke was one tough woodsman.

The legend of Twin Lakes, Alaska, Dick Proenneke, built a log cabin all using hand tools deep in the bush.

He then lived there for nearly 30 years all by himself.

Dick Proenneke was one with nature as he lived nearly 30 years in the deep Alaskan bush.

This incredible man moved to the Twin Lakes region in Alaska in 1968. He then hand-built his own log cabin with only hand tools.

He lived in that little log cabin until he was 82 years old in 1999. He passed away at the age of 86 while living with family in California.

Mr. Proenneke continues to be an inspiration in his devotion to the wilderness. Rest in peace, old friend and fellow woodsman.

Source: wideopenspaces.com

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