How To Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500

If you’re looking for a nice little project to get through the winter, check out the kind of cozy log cabin that you can build for under $500.

Almost anyone who loves the outdoors has a love of log cabins. They are the quintessential wildernesses retreat. But for most of us, we have this idea that they are too expensive or too difficult to build and never actually have one of our own.

Fortunately one man and a group of teenagers took it upon themselves to build their own cozy log cabin retreat and now you can see the fruits of their labor.

 The finished product is a beautiful 10′ x 10′ cabin made up of 52 logs. The builder does admit that there are improvements that could be made and a few things he may do differently if he were to ever build another, but overall is very pleased, as he should be.

Some of the biggest ways that he was able to save money on this project were doing all of the work himself and without the help of expensive tools; and finding goods that others were trashing to recycle into his cabin.

Whether you’re building one just for the love of nature or because you need a nice place for a long term survival situation, a cabin like this one would certainly do the trick.


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