8 Tips to Building a Cheap Log Cabin

We all want to save money, and when it comes to building a log home it is very important to think of all your costs from the start so you don’t wind up spending more than you expected. Log homes vary in costs significantly depending on the builder, costs of gas, costs of wood and where you live in the world and the cost of labor.

A few great tips to keep your costs lower when you are planning your log home.

1. Build small or just the right size. Do some research about how to make the interior more efficient with awesome storage cupboards etc, so that you do not have to waste space on the shell.

2. Try to finish the home in a consistent manner. If you spend a lot of money on a fancy fireplace but choose cheap single pan low-quality windows, in the long run, your heating bills will be much higher due to general heat loss. Sometimes bigger costs upfront translate to smaller costs in the end.

3. Think about what you want to do, prioritize what you want, and plan what you want. Talk to as many homeowners as you can and you will find that most people are eager to tell you how they saved money and how you can do the same. Be sure to set a plan and stick to it.

4. Use a cost-effective foundation for your home. If you are building a small home you can look into the costs of cinder blocks or other structures rather than concrete which can cost a lot.

5. Choose the builders basic package rather than customizing it too much, which will cost more in the end.

6. Get your hands dirty. You can save money on labor by doing as much as you can by yourself. Of course certain things will require a professional, but certainly not everything.

7. Research specialty mortgages. There may be certain banks that have specialty mortgage rates for most cost-effective homes.

8. Think about long-term costs of choosing sustainable energy. Go off the grid as much as possible with propane heat, compostable toilets and solar lighting.

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