The Clearfield is 1327 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery – CLICK for Floor Plans

With building techniques constantly evolving, craftsmen becoming more skilled at their trades, and many people longing for simpler, rustic retreats, log homes are once again becoming popular housing options. While many people dream, fewer actually ‘do’, but owning a log home is now easier (and less costly) than every before. Log homes vary in size and style, and can be anything from small, rustic ‘cabins’ to modern and grand luxury log homes (as well as everything in-between). Sometimes you come across log home building designs that are just so masterful, it’s breathtaking. For instance, The Clearfield is 1327 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery. And it could easily be yours!

For over 130 years and through five generations the Propst family has manufactured the finest wood products and really set the standard high for excellence in log home design and construction. The family-run company prides itself in having unrivaled service and precision craftsmanship. When the company started manufacturing log homes in the 1980’s, the name was changed from Propst Lumber to Estemerwalt Log Homes to emphasize the new direction in which the company was headed. What sets Estemerwalt Log Homes apart from other log home companies? It could be that every log, every timber, every piece of siding and every tongue and groove is sawn, dried and manufactured right in their full-service sawmill. Or it could be their knowledgeable personnel and friendly service!

One of the many beautiful log home designs Estemerwalt Log Homes offers is the Clearfield. This little gem is just 1327 square feet of pure log home mastery, boasting three bedrooms, an open concept design and not one, but two covered porches as well as a fireplace. Despite its smaller size, the Clearfield has plenty of comfortable living space, with two bedrooms in the loft and a third bedroom on the main floor, next to the open kitchen and living areas. While it doesn’t qualify as a “small” or “tiny” log home, it is smaller than the average house in the United States, which reached over 2662 square feet as of 2013. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in design and quality.

Log homes designed by Estemerwalt Log Homes are remarkable due to their level of craftsmanship and custom work. Building a log home isn’t an easy undertaking and usually requires a specialist. Estemerwalt Log Homes can show you through their work what exactly they’re all about, with beautiful examples of craftsmanship and interesting architectural design elements that make them stand out above other log home companies. They offer various designs for their log homes as well as custom designs to fit customer specifications.

Hearkening back to a more traditional building era, the Clearfield fits the bill for a traditional-looking log home, with exposed corner posts, dormer windows, stone chimney and full-length front covered porch. While its design looks ‘simple’, it is nostalgic and very reminiscent of later Settlers rustic log homes. There is something to be said for this rustic look, which is married with modern building techniques and design features. So, whether building or owning a log home is a long-time goal or dream, or a new-found passion, the Clearfield by Estemerwalt may just be the perfect log home to match your needs.


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