Total Construction of a Log Cabin

Building a log cabin is an engaging project and can be a very useful and enjoyable form of occupation in contact with nature and, in the end, satisfaction and pride in the work done are guaranteed. Such a cottage, made by hand, is not expensive and looks good in any place, whether in the garden of a wealthy house, in a small farm, or even in the backyard.


Sometimes our dreams are difficult to realize, however, it is through them that the world advances. It is our dreams that guide us, that make us delimit horizons that we will fill throughout our lives. Like AntonioGedeão, in us the “dream” is synonymous with freedom, since every human being has the capacity to dream and to realize his dreams. Just as the alchemists searched tirelessly for the philosopher’s stone because of all the artifices it could bring, we tried, in life, to realize our dreams – we fought for them. In our case we did not turn lead into gold, but we turned dreams into reality …


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