This Couple Built an Adorable 80-Square-Foot Guest Cabin for Just $700

Just when we thought we’d seen every adorable tiny house there was to be seen, along comes what might just be the most adorable A-frame cabin to ever exist.
Photographer Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett constructed this pint-size getaway as a guest house on the grounds of their home in Missoula, Montana. Tiny house builder Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, who designed the original plans, built his version for $1,200—but Alla was able to whittle the cost of her A-frame down to $700 by using repurposed materials, including window frames, logs, nails, and boards, they already had sitting around their property.
With a few DIY projects already under their belts, Alla and Garrett were ready to tackle this “big” tiny house project, completing their cute cabin in just three weeks. On her blog, Alla says what she liked most about the design was how one wall lifts out, increasing the square footage of the small structure during the warmer months and giving it extra charm.
The A-frame’s moveable wall is also transparent, allowing plenty of natural light in even when shut. (If you’re wondering about bugs, Alla claims mosquitoes are almost non-existent during the summertime when the cabin is mostly used.)
Inside you’ll find two single beds alongside country-themed knick-knacks. The compact abode doesn’t have running water or a bathroom, so guests have to use a nearby outdoor toilet and a portable solar shower, Curbed reports. But the beds can be pushed together to form a larger full-sized one and there’s a solar-powered outlet in the house, making it a cozy spot for a good night’s sleep.
Alla hopes her guests will be able to “enjoy watching the stars from the inside of the cabin at night” while sipping on some of her husband’s homemade brew. Sign us up, please!
Nestled in the great outdoors, visitors will definitely want to hang around.
Construction details at Alla Ponomareva’s blog.

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