This Cozy Log Cabin Retreat Will Have You Daydreaming Of Relaxation

Can you picture yourself in this quiet, cozy log cabin? It’s easy to drift off in a daydream of staying in this lovely vacation cabin. Wood cabins tend to have that relaxing affect on people, and there are plenty of different log cabin designs to try out when you go on vacation. Small log cabins provide the perfect environment to relax and connect with yourself and nature. Surrounded by the forest and all of the plant and animal life, it’s easy to relax and drift away into a world of silence and solitude. Unplugging from the busy world to have a chance to rest your mind and reset.

If you are in serious need of a vacation, consider this Blue Sky Cabin Rentals, Cold Mountain Pond Log Home to stay at for a night or two or maybe even for a longer getaway. Cabins are beautiful buildings to stay in even if it is only for a short stay. They are so cozy and welcoming, the perfect home away from home! You will definitely feel like you have had a relaxing retreat here in this lovely cabin, with all of the great amenities and the water right out your door, what’s not to love about this Cold Mountain Pond Log Home?

Just picture yourself, surrounded in 30 acres of natural forest, totally removed from any noise or hassle, you will feel totally relaxed and at peace here. The pond is literally footsteps away from the lovely log cabin, and you will also find a luxurious hot tub to enjoy on the deck, such a fabulous way to relax and unwind morning, noon and night. There’s even a swing that you can enjoy taking a little ride on, bringing out your inner child to have some fun and let go. A BBQ is on the patio as well, making for some great meals on the grill.

There is also a full gourmet kitchen, absolutely stunning, with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, ready to be used! A full dining room table waits to be filled with family and food, to be enjoyed the nights of your stay. The bedrooms look so cozy and inviting, promising restful nights of sleep and the gorgeous living room with the over stuffed couches and the awesome fire place, would be a wonderful place to sit and relax after the day is through. This is a beautiful must see log home, head over to ‘Blue Sky Cabin Rentals’ to see the amazing photos and more, by following the link in the description below!

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