Where You Can Find Free Land In The US

Free land (or nearly free) can still be found in the 21st century! With a dream, flexibility, a willingness to work and a little imagination these towns are ready to welcome you with open arms (and a plot of land).

If you studied American history then you may recall the Homestead Act of 1862 which free land to those willing to move west and farm the land for 5 years. More than 200 million acres of land was given away and the homesteader spirit was forever ingrained into the hearts of Americans!

The spirit lives on in many small and rural towns, where you can get a plot free land (or nearly free). Each one has its own requirements for the land and how it is to be used; so it will take a bit of time and research to make sure it will be a good fit for you. But I believe that effort could be well rewarded!

So just where is this free land to be had? Well, I’m glad you asked!


Marne, Iowa
Marne offers in-town lots that average about a 1/4 acre in size.
You must build a house with at least a partial basement, no less than 1200 square feet.
They do have restrictions on livestock so this town would be better for one who really just wants to have a large garden.

Flagler, Colorado
The town of Flagler wants you know that they have a beautiful, clean, town with good schools and a poplulation under 1000. They’ll give you free land if you plan to start a business on it. Check out the stipulations – your homestead business might just work!

Marquette, Kansas
Marquette is a picturesque small town. In addition they are just a short distance from a lake that offers camping, boating,
mountain biking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and hunting.
Plots range in size up to just over a half acre of land.
Homes must have a roof pitch of at least 5 to 12. The home must be built to residential design standards and be a minimum of 1000 sq. feet and be on a basement or crawl space foundation

Lincoln, Kansas
The Lincoln website describes their town as, “a 720 square mile county with buffalo, farm animals and wildlife scattered across picturesque hillsides. Imagine that it has 3500 residents and no serious crime – but also local medical care, broadband internet and nine miles of Interstate 70“.
Lots vary in size up to nearly an acre.

New Richland, Minnesota
Check out these suburban 1/4 acre lots in southern Minnesota.


The State of Michigan
While not completely free, the state of Michigan has a surplus of land that they will be auctioning off in 2017. You just might be able to get the deal of a lifetime! In addition they have parcels for sale that didn’t go in previous auctions. So if you can stand the cold, Michigan just might be worth a look.

The State of Alaska 
The state of Alaska doesn’t give away their land but they do have some pretty awesome deals. Not to mention you can a stipend just for living in Alaska permanently.


Whether the state offers free land or land at a huge discount – it is worth looking into for a debt free way of starting your homestead. If you are not in a position to build a home, even if the land is free, you should search for opportunities to care for homesteads in lieu of rent or a mortgage. Be a farm caretaker by Mother Earth News has some great advice.

And did you know that the USDA offers grants and loans to farmers and ranchers?

Remember when you’re looking for free land or to purchase, do your research. Don’t let your excitement overtake your good senses! Make sure the town or the land that is being offered is a good fit for you, your homesteading goals and has room to grow.

Source: imperfectlyhappy.com

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