The Interior of These Gorgeous Log Cabins Will Leave You Speechless

This stunning wood cabin is just one of the custom built log cabins you will find on the Appalachian Log and Timber homes site. A wood cabin such as this is the ultimate retreat, a place to get away and spend some relaxing time with family and friends. Imagine sitting on your front porch with views of the lake, in a forest setting that you love.
There are several reasons you might want to choose a log cabin building. For starters trees are a renewable resource, so you can feel good about building with logs and wood. And because trees are a renewable resource, that means that log and timber homes are one of the most green builds you will find. When a home is built from solid logs, you are taking the carbon that is contained in those logs out of environmental circulation over the entire life of the home. You will also find some log and timber home producers who harvest standing dead timber or purchase logs from forests that are certified as sustainable. Some wood cabin builders are constructing log and timber homes to green building standards as well. Custom built log cabins are long lasting. You will find wood cabins in Europe that routinely date back more than 800 years. And there is one log-constructed church in Russia that is reportedly more than 1,700 years old. Wood cabins are known to withstand mother nature’s wrath. The log and timber home industry has all sorts of stories of wood cabins that have successfully weathered the worst weather Mother Nature can give.

Log cabin buildings are known for their fast framing. If you choose to use a precut and pre-drilled wood cabin system or a handcrafted log home, the shell of your home can be framed on site faster than most conventional stick framing, which will reduce the likelihood of weather-related damages or mildew and mold issues. With the right building crew and building system, a wood cabin can be weather tight in as little as two weeks, for an average sized cabin building. In conventional construction builds, your home is exposed to the elements for much longer, which could lead to mold and mildew issues within the framing of your home, where it can thrive undetected for years. With cabin buildings, there is the warmth of wood. Wood is warm to the touch because it has something known as thermal mass, which is a natural property in the logs that helps to keep the inside temperatures of log homes comfortable in all seasons. This allows the log walls to collect and store energy, then radiate it back into the wood cabin.
Wood cabins are also super energy efficient. If your wood cabin is properly sealed Super between the foundation and the first course of logs, and the between log-to-log connections and where the roof system meets the log wall, you will have a super energy efficient log home. Today wood cabins can be built that are between 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient than conventional homes. So you will want to go with a wood cabin builder that you can trust. Ask around and talk to different people and different log home builders in the location that you live. When your wood cabin is custom built with quality materials and builders you will have a home that stands the test of time.
You will find this wood cabin on the Appalachian Log Homesite. On the site, you will find a gallery of custom built log cabins, and wood cabin builds. These wood cabin builders have been crafting the finest quality log and timber home since 1980.

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