Kristie From Idaho Made This Gorgeous Tiny Home For Under $5000! Must See VIDEO

For a tiny home to actually be considered a ‘tiny home’, it should be under 400 square feet in size. This tiny home from Kristie Wolfe, was built at a whooping (or opposite of whopping) 97 square feet. It was built on wheels in her hometown in Pocatello, Idaho, United States and for under 5000 dollars. Yeah, you absolutely read it right, it’s under $5000!

She experimented to live in a tiny home for a year to see what it was like and if she could do it. After a year she decided that she could do it and after a couple of years she decided to purchase her own plot of land on the beautiful island of Hawaii for 8000 dollars to make her dream come true. A year later she purchase a plane ticket and packed all her things up, along with her tools and with the help of her mother. She decided that this new tropical paradise would be the home of her bigger tiny home. She eventually decided to build again and expand considerably to a whopping (it is all relative, right) 230 square feet tree-house tiny cabin. This time it took her about 11,000 dollars.

The cabin size is 15 x 15, and it is made up on stilts and like many people dream of, it is off the grid. According to Wolfe,“My original house was 97 square feet so that was really tiny so this feels huge… I think small homes are beautiful because it fits with my lifestyle. I think having a lot of stuff mentally weighs you down even in ways that you don’t realize.” She uses and needs rain to collect her water. She enjoy the magic of solar power on her rooftop and uses propane to heat up her water to enjoy nice hot showers.

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