Law Student Designs and Builds Tiny Home for $25k

Meet Joel Fleck. When he needed to find a home after college he decided instead of paying a high amount of rent in Sonoma county, that he would opt to design and build his own tiny home on wheels instead.

So, according to the story he bought an abandoned trailer for only $300 and started building. Two years and $25,000 later he now has his own debt-free tiny house. Did I mention that he’s 6’4″ tall? And the $25k includes purchasing all the tools he needed. Not bad!

I’m really excited to share the video tour and interview thanks to Kirsten Dirksen where you can get his entire story from start to finish, and tour his entire tiny home on a trailer below. Enjoy!

6’4″ Law Student Living in DIY 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home

Since Joel is in law school, he needed space for books and he also needed a spot to sit and study. And you’ll see how he arranged for that below.

His house weighs in at 14,000 lbs. So if you’re building tiny make sure your trailer axles can handle the load! The weight can definitely add up when your done building and put all your stuff inside.

I know you’ll be amazed at all of the nooks, crannies, and hidden storage that Joel was able to create in his tiny home. It’s very inspiring and I believe it might open you up to new ideas as to what you can do with your own custom designed tiny house.

Video: Joel Fleck’s (Law Student) DIY Custom Built Bachelor Tiny House

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