These Log Cabin Photos Are Going Viral For An Inspiring Reason


While many of us have our heads ‘in the clouds’, dreaming of our perfect log home, few of us manage to achieve our dream and fewer still are those of us who actually end up in the clouds. These log cabins by Nids des Vosges, however, allow us the temporary but lofty experience of living in a log home. Except they’re elevated and built amongst the treetops. If you’ve never had the experience of Sleeping in an Elevated Cabin, you will want to add it to your ‘to do’ list. These elevated log cabins perched in the trees with a stunning view of nature in the heart of the Vosges mountains are not only beautiful, they’re also a lot of fun.

The Nids des Vosges are eight charming little log cabins of exceptional quality perched in the trees (just a few meters from the ground) – just high enough to offer the unique experience of an elevated retreat. Located at the heart of the Vosges, in the Alsace-Lorraine region of eastern France, the location is a campsite in a quiet forest. It offers somewhat of a “childhood dream”. Described as “A real doll house”, Hut # 1 (named “The Marker”) offers a magnificent view of the Vosges ridges. It is a little ‘love nest’ built for two and contains only the bare necessities: a bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a stunning view. Other tree-top log cabins include the 8-person “DeLuxe”, the 5-person “The Fun” and the 4-person “Vision Forest”. And while most of the log cabins require guests to climb a secured ladder in order to enter the fun and magic that awaits them, one of the Nids des Vosges is accessible to all – even for disabled guests.

These log cabins may be described as ‘tree houses’, but that descriptor doesn’t accurately portray the real beauty and charm, although it does go a long way towards describing the fun and excitement often felt when Sleeping in an Elevated Cabin for the first time! A tree house is a building generally constructed around, next to or among the trunk and branches of one of more large, mature trees above ground-level. While tree houses have traditionally been utilized for children’s recreation or play, there is a growing trend towards utilizing tree houses as adult retreats and even towards more permanent housing. Since the mid-1990’s tree houses have enjoyed a rise in popularity, especially in Europe and the United States which is in part due to increased disposable income as well as developing technology available to builders. There are over 30 businesses in Europe and the U.S. that specialize in the construction of tree houses – from children’s play structures to fully-functioning homes.

Nids des Vosges claim their ‘tree house’ log cabins are all-natural and ecologically friendly – using only untreated wood, natural insulation and quality materials. Fortunately, there have been technological advancements which aide in minimizing tree damage during construction. All of the Nids des Vosges utilize struts and stilts that are used for helping to relieve weights at lower elevations and tree house log cabins supported by stilts weigh much less on the tree; this helps to prevent stress, potential strain, and injury to the tree. At just $160 USD per night, these little log cabin tree houses are a real steal! So if you happen to find yourself in eastern France and are looking for a new experience, why not try Nids des Vosges and experience Sleeping in an Elevated Cabin!

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