Pair of Engineers Design Pet-Friendly Off-Grid Tiny House

Many tiny houses have trouble making it work for more than one person, let alone a couple plus three dogs. But with their new Basecamp tiny house, Oregon engineers Tina and Luke Orlando prove that it’s all possible.

Despite having no prior experience, Tina and Luke Orlando decided to jump right in and design their own tiny house from scratch. Their unconventional but very thorough approach resulted in a tiny house on wheels that’s jam-packed with storage space, pet-friendly features, and sustainable technology to allow it to operate off-grid.

This is tiny house perfection and it’s off grid! If you’re looking for the perfect tiny house with everything you could ever ask for this is it. I’ve seen a bunch of tiny houses, but the Basecamp Tiny House is the most practical and perhaps the most beautiful tiny homes I’ve seen to date. It has everything you need, including a rooftop deck. You can also get the plans for the Basecamp tiny house at A lot of thought was put into this sustainable tiny house.


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