If You Haven’t Started To Prepare For Winter, It Is Time To Start!

With winter just around the corner it is vital that we start to prepare for the storms that are inevitable this time of year. There are several things that you can do in order to be ready in case a storm makes it difficult to get out to resupply and to just stay ahead of things during one of the roughest times of year for those living off grid.

Some of the simple things include things like downloading weather apps on your phone to get alerts before a storm moves in to your area, making sure you top off your usual emergency supply kits/stockpile, including fuel for vehicles or backup generators, and making sure that you don’t let your water supply get low by trying to maintain at least a couple of weeks to a month’s supply on hand at all time, especially if you use tanks to store your water due to lack of access to wells or other water supplies.

Of course, other issues you may face will be the wind and the cold during the winter months. For these reasons it is important to prepare and even over-prepare even temporary shelter, including making them stronger than you think you will need. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared in case things go from everyday living to a survival situation.

Making sure that your home and other structures are secured, have extra insulation, plastic sheeting, duct tape, and plenty of extra blankets is one way to prepare for any extended periods of cold when you may find yourself without power for one reason or another. You’ll also want to consider secondary heating sources and stocking extra firewood, ordering some disposable hand warmers from surplus stores and keeping an extra supply of canned goods on hand as well.

This is not the time of year to let your guard down, and if you are new to off grid living or homesteading, you will want to talk to those more experienced and be sure to stock up on more supplies than you expect to need. Test your batteries and inverters on your solar power systems to make sure they are in tip top shape as well and basically give your home a few inspections before winter gets itself locked in.


source: www.offgridworld.com

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