Texas Modular Home Will Run on Rainwater and Sunshine Alone

A newly designed Texan home could be the model house of the future.

Students have designed a fully functional house that runs on sun rays and rainwater, and nothing else.

For hundreds of years now humans have been existing by exploiting un-renewable fossil fuels and more recently, controversial nuclear power. Not only will a change towards eco-friendly living be welcomed, it is necessary.

Solar panels have gained popularity in recent years, as they have become a common sight added to the roofs of houses that otherwise run off standard electricity.

However, this new house is one of the fore-runners to allow people to live totally self-sufficiently and off-grid.

This is a common goal for many who feel cheated by high electricity prices and trapped by the system they exploit.

This house has been created by Nexhaus, and has been designed to take advantage of the hot Texan sun, and to preserve and use carefully the rainwater that does fall in the area, however sparse it may be.

Rain water is purified and transformed into drinking water.

The house has been entered into the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition, and has been making waves in the home building community.

Given that the net usage for energy and water for this house is zero, it will surely inspire home builders to use the same innovative ideas for widespread eco-friendly homes.

The house will be available to view during the competition time from the 8th to the 18th October in Irvine, California.

Would YOU live in a house like this? What do you think the pros and cons would be?

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