Tiny House on Wheels Survives Hurricane Irma’s 100 MPH Winds in Miami

I wanted to show you this hurricane resistant tiny house on wheels that recently survived Hurricane Irma’s 100 MPH winds in Miami, Florida with no damage. It’s a Traveler XL model from ESCAPE. The house was not even strapped down or connected to anything on the ground (yikes)! What do you think?

Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels Survives Hurricane Irma in Miami, FL


So people ask us frequently, “What happens if a Hurricane hits one of our units?”  I’m sure other companies are asked the same thing.

Now we know.  We had 3 units in Florida when Irma hit…one in Homestead, one in Orlando and one right on the water in Miami.  Orlando is fine, Homestead is fine.

Attached is the first picture back from the owner in Miami.  Wind speeds were 100 mph, the stucco house on the property was damaged, trees down everywhere (see in the background), water came up…our unit did not have a scratch, no leaks, no water issues, no problems, 100% OK.  Feel free to share if you like.

Learn more about ESCAPE’s tiny houses (and the Traveler XL model) here.

Our big thanks to Dan for sharing!

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