Is This the Ultimate Beer Shed?

Joint and Badger create a ‘Swiss Army shed’ that transforms into a garden pub for new Unilad content series

Joint is launching the latest instalment of ‘Ultimate Beer Sheds’, a content series for Badger that partners with Unilad to showcase the ‘ultimate beer shed’ created for lucky Badger fans.

Celebrating the British love affair with the garden shed, the campaign brings together one of the oldest beer brands with one of the newest (and largest) publishers and is designed to showcase Badger’s commitment to making ‘beer time’ better.

The latest instalment seems like a standard shed at first but then it unfolds like a penknife and transforms into a space for the ideal BBQ experience. And just like a penknife, can fold backup to its closed state as a normal looking garden shed.

Head of marketing for Badger, Gwen Ridsdale added “This is a campaign designed to demonstrate our commitment to making beer time better in a credible and epic way.”


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