[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe What’s Underneath This Building in Arizona


The saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ certainly proves true for a seemingly normal-looking building built on a mountainside in Arizona. Wait ’til you see what secret it holds and the wonders it has to offer!

Check the video out and marvel at the sheer beauty of it all…

Sitting on 37 acres just outside of Bisbee, AZ… The strange and unusual dwelling is up for grabs and could be yours for $1.5 million. It occupies 2,890-square feet of living space and comes with a 890-square foot guest house, a subterranean game room underneath the guest house, a library building, a stand-alone workshop space, a separate home office, and a carport. The main house features rough petrous walls, rock and cement ceilings, and potable wall water seep that is collected from a natural spring.  There’s a glass-walled sunroom, a commercial-grade kitchen with stained glass cabinets and mosaic tiling, an-eight person dining room, a sunken living room, two full bathrooms, a sleep loft with walk-in closet tucked below underneath the loft stairs, and a back room that is currently used as an exercise and yoga room.

But as attention-grabbing as the stone-forged main lair is, the property’s zaniness doesn’t end there.  Starting with the pools, which are not your typical chlorinated in-grounds. Rather, the home’s natural pools are a short hike away, up the side of a nearby mountain and fed by a freshwater creek for six to eight months out of the year. The higher up the mountain you climb the more pools you have to choose from. The owners also installed a carefully camouflaged hot tub.

The Cave House has graced the Multiple Listing Services sporadically for years. “When we first put it on we did so for close to $3 million,” says Noreen.  The price bumped down to $1.5 million last year, when the owners decided they were truly serious about selling. But despite the 50% price chop, a buyer has yet to put up an accepted offer.  Noreen believes it will be nontraditional home buyers that ultimately purchase this pad: “It would make a great retreat for something like a yoga retreat or as an alternative healing place. It’s very peaceful.”

Source: cabinobsession.com

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