Woman Committed to Living “Off The Grid” Lives in a “Hobbit House”

In 1995, a small group of people bought a large piece of land in Wales with the intention of making it a commune. They lived peacefully “off the grid” for years, until the government stepped in and questioned their rightful ownership of the land. A legal battle that lasted for a decade ensued, but in the end, it was determined that they did indeed own the land and had every right to live there.

Among these survivalists was Emma Orbach, an Oxford educated woman who now lives in a Hobbit-style hut that she made herself. Orbach divorced her husband, who is also a survivalist, and now lives on her own in a round house that she built herself. She grows her own food, produces her own power, and prides herself on living without the benefit of societal rules. Orbach keeps her own farm animals, fetches her water from a stream, and ventures to nearby shops very rarely for treats like chocolates.

“This is how I want to live,” Orbach says, “This lifestyle makes me feel really happy and at peace and this is my ideal home.”

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