Woman Lives in a Tiny House so She Can Travel the World

WATCH Prepare for major tiny house and wanderlust envy

Frustrated with a job and lifestyle she was no longer feeling, Jenna built a tiny home with her partner and took to the road for a year. When things ended, Jenna kept the tiny house and continued living her life on wheels. Now, not only does she get to explore her own country while working from ‘home’, Jenna also travels to at least 5 new overseas destinations each year, thanks to the money she saves on living off the grid.  They jealousy is very, very real.

Four years ago I had an overwhelming amount of debt, belongings and no money to pursue my dreams. I was working paycheck to paycheck. Then, in 2013, I did something radical. I quit my stable job and built a Tiny House on wheels with my then boyfriend, Guillaume. The goal? To live simply and travel the world.

You’re going to want a tiny house after watching this. Fact

Living small has opened many doors.

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