Woman’s Personal “Survival Garden” Destroyed By Authorities

After becoming unemployed, Tulsa resident Denise Morrison’s garden was destroyed by the authorities for not ‘complying’ with their guidelines.

With little money to live off, Denise had the bright idea to grow a garden rich in not just fruits and vegetables, but to grow natural medicines and herbs to help treat her various illnesses.

She cultivated fruit trees, nuts and seeds, and different types of berries to supplement a healthy diet, she also had various herbs to treat her diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

After stating that her local authorities had had a problem with her in the past, they set about to destroy the well-loved garden, and they succeeded.

They claimed that no plant could be over 12 inches tall unless it was for human consumption, when Denise insisted that they were, it fell on deaf ears.

In her desire to appease the authorities, Denise claims she attained the correct  local ordinances and always kept the garden looking it’s best, but this was still not enough.

Over 100 edible plants and trees were taken from Denise’s garden in order to stop her from being self-sufficient. Unfortunately this demonstrates the desire by the authorities to deter people who wish to live self-sufficiently from doing so successfully.

The authorities wish to keep tabs on everything we do, and sadly, as this case demonstrates it goes all the way down to knowing which groceries we buy.

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